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Secretarial Services (backoffice outsourcing)

We take care of your correspondence
in English, German and Spanish

(additional languages to come soon)

  • At a price that will save you money!
  • Performed with a professionalism that reflects the good image of your business
  • With the speed that today's world businesses require.

It's this easy!

Call us or send us an e-mail in either English, Spanish or German and we translate it to the desired language, maintaining the indicated format. Or, if you prefer, simply send us the general idea of the communication, the data necessary and we compose the communication in a professional form.

Next we send you our draft for revision, use (forward) or approval.

If you prefer we can also email the translated / drafted message directly to its final destination, saving you precious time. In this case, besides giving us your OK for the translated / drafted text itself, you must also authorize us in advance, in written, allowing us to the use of your company name and logo.
Whenever we send the communication to it's final destination, you will always receive an original copy (BCC) as proof of transmission.

As an option, we can list our address as the sender, or a new email account, to be created, where both parties, you and us, have access. This way your customer can communicate back to you through us, and you will receive their communications automatically translated.


Look at how economical it is!

You get all this for as little as 6.600,00 Colones (for Costa Rican clients) or US$ 15.00 (for clients from other countries).

For details on our prices for this service please choose "Prices" on the menu on the left (top), or click here.


Get your calculator and convince yourself of the enormous cost reductions for your company when using our services! In Costa Rica, for example, our clients are saving, on the average, US$ 400.00 per month. In countries, where wages are higher, the savings will be even greater.

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